I don’t usually write cosmetics reviews on this blog but today I shall make an exception (or a start to more to come maybe?). It is after all a product I am so excited about that I need to share my great find.

Moistfull Collagen Eye CreamIt is clear from the title that I’m talking about the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream. But let’s take a step back to see where all this excitement of mine comes from. I’m sure I mentioned at some point that my skin became significantly drier when I was pregnant with my son and it stayed that way even after he was born. In addition to this new dryness I developed some patches of seriously flaky, rough, extra dry skin. Those patches come and go and develop on my neck and on my eyelids. Applying any cream over these patches causes some serious discomfort and burn so I used to avoid it altogether even though that is when my skin needs additional moisture the most. In times of patch-free skin I tried to use a number of creams but eventually gave up on them. Why? If I apply them at night I wake up with nicely moisturised lids but puffy and stingy eyes.

That is until now. Granted I haven’t developed any patches during the time I had this cream so I can’t comment on that yet. But! It is the first cream I tried that makes me wake up with both moisturised skin and fresh eyes and that is an incredible feeling! I don’t know if there will be any long term effects in terms of anti-aging (it is after all supposed to be an anti-aging cream) but I am definitely planning on finding out since the short term effects are so good.

Moistfull Collagen Eye CreamThe cream itself is very dense and slides on the skin so effortlessly that there will be no stretching and damaging the skin when applying it. But even so it’s not greasy at all and is absorbed quickly. In this aspect the formulation is very different from its face counterpart which is also quick to be absorbed and fantastically moisturising but has a gel-like consistency and feels very fresh to the touch.

I do use them both but the eye cream is the one that made all the difference in my regime. When I run out of these two I’m trying something new as a face cream but I’m definitely sticking with the eye cream.

Thank you Etude House!


Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream
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