3 added benefits of exfoliating bath gloves

    Exfoliating bath gloves remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling softer and smoother. But there are other benefits that come with their use, so pay special attention to these areas:

    Exfoliating bath gloves

    1. Legs - A closer shave

    I don't have sensitive skin so I tend to shave my legs fairly regularly. But at least once a week or for special occasions I exfoliate them with my gloves before shaving. With the dead skin cells gone the razor can reach closer to the hairs which guarantees an extra smooth shave. Finish the process with an after shave cream or a body butter (this coconut one is my favourite) for silky smooth legs.

    2. Bikini zone - Less ingrown hairs

    Ingrown hairs can be a problem not only with shaving but with other methods of hair removal as well. And they are mostly a problem where hair is curly - like pubic hair. Regular exfoliation definitely helps alleviate the problem.

    3. Thighs - Better circulation = less cellulite

    Exfoliation also helps with circulation which in turns helps with reducing cellulite. For circulation purposes exfoliation once a week is not nearly enough but luckily thighs are usually not so sensitive so there is no reason for restricting exfoliation in this area.

    Now why gloves? Compared to other exfoliating products, like shower gels with exfoliating particles for example, gloves don't run out and have to be replaced rarely. They also allow us to adapt the process to each individual skin type by changing the force and length of the scrub. Just choose a fabric that is not too harsh to begin with, you can alway build up if necessary. I have this pair from The Body Shop, they can be gentle enough and they last forever!

    Have a smooth summer! Hell, have a smooth year!


    SPA day at home: Korean sheet masks

    Guess what? You don't need a spa to have a spa day!

    If you're in need of some pampering there's quite a lot of things one can do at home. Starting with a mask. And while classic masks have been available for at home use since forever the last few years there's trend taking over this area: sheet masks.

    Sheet mask

    Sheet masks are a South Korean invention as most true skincare and makeup innovations are. They are basically regular masks soaked up in a face shaped fabric that you simply put on. This has a number of benefits compared to regular masks:

    • no dosage issues
    • they come in individual packages which makes them stay fresh for longer
    • they very rarely drip
    • usually no rinsing is required, the excess product is simply massaged into the skin once the cloth is removed
    • and finally, the feeling is much more spa like, like you're being taken care of by someone :)

    Since it's summer i would recommend something hydrating (to counteract the drying effect of the sun) , but cooling (well, for obvious reasons). Like the green tea sheet mask from Innisfree (below).

    But there's infinite options for basically every possible skin concern. Here are my favourites:

    Sheet mask

    Treat yourself!