I’ve always been a very active person. I even worked out througout all the nine months of pregnancy up until the due date, but I stopped for the 10 days I was overdue. So after my son was born I felt horrible. Not looked horrible, felt horrible. Sluggish, weak. Mostly because of the 10 overdue days spent lying around and the two weeks after my C-section during which I could hardly move. So I was very eager to get back in shape. Exactly 7 weeks after the delivery, on the day I had my first check-up and was cleared to start working out, I did my first sit-up.

C. A. T. A. S. T. R. O. P. H. E

It was the hardest thing I have ever done sport-wise. So were the subsequent nine.
Also when your back is a wreck (oh look, it rhymes!) from all the burpees and planks and suicide somethings, it’s really hard to tote your 7kg baby around. Or is it the other way around? Carrying your colicky 7kg baby around for hours makes it really hard to do all the exercises? It’s a chicken or egg question.

But it gets better. Easier. And oh, the results are so worth it! I had substantially more energy within a month, I felt stronger, more capable of anything. Also didn’t hurt that I fit into my tighest pair of jeans 4 months after I had my son. Talk about a motivational boost!
There also comes a point when you start to enjoy the exercise, which is fantastic! What doesn’t get easier (at least for me) is scraping all the nanomolecules of motivation lying or hiding around and gather just enough of them to get my ass up, change into workout clothes, press play on the plan du jour and start moving.

I don’t have an answer or a suggestion for this part. I tell myself all kinds of crap to get myself to go. I always work out in the evening after I put the little one to bed. And truth be told, the longer it takes for him to fall asleep (he does not require special assistance to do that, however he does require my presence), the harder it is for me to get going. It’s like I fall asleep with him. Also the prospect of having less time for myself after the workout+shower combo brings my motivation waaay down.

I (we) have ups and down, obviously. But every time I stop, I feel worse and I regret it. And this makes it so much easier to get back in the saddle every time.

During and after pregnancy fitness
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