Guess what? You don’t need a spa to have a spa day!

If you’re in need of some pampering there’s quite a lot of things one can do at home. Starting with a mask. And while classic masks have been available for at home use since forever the last few years there’s trend taking over this area: sheet masks.

Sheet mask

Sheet masks are a South Korean invention as most true skincare and makeup innovations are. They are basically regular masks soaked up in a face shaped fabric that you simply put on. This has a number of benefits compared to regular masks:

  • no dosage issues
  • they come in individual packages which makes them stay fresh for longer
  • they very rarely drip
  • usually no rinsing¬†is required, the excess product is simply massaged into the skin once the cloth is removed
  • and finally, the feeling is much more spa like, like you’re being taken care of by someone ūüôā

Since it’s summer i would recommend something hydrating (to counteract the drying effect of the sun) , but cooling (well, for obvious reasons). Like the green tea sheet mask from Innisfree (below).

But there’s infinite options for basically every possible skin concern. Here are my favourites:

Sheet mask

Treat yourself!

SPA day at home: Korean sheet masks
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