Nike+ Run ClubNike+ Running has evolved into Nike+Run Club. This used to be my favourite running app and it just got updated to a whole new level.

But let’s start at the beginning.

I probably mentioned at some point that I started running when I bought a Nike+ sensor and attached it to the first generation iPod Nano. Yes, those were the times. So this naturally leads you to using the whole Nike+ ecosystem and when I moved to using the iPhone+GPS+app combination instead of the sensor I just naturally went with the same app since it also had all my previous data.

Since then I tried many others, mainly out of curiosity, but somehow I always find myself coming back to Nike+. The main reason is that I love having a schedule and this is one of the few apps that offers a coach/training program for free.

Now the old version gave you the option of 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, expert) and four distances (walk to run, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon). But with the new version one of the biggest changes is in the coach section itself and it now gives you three options:

  • get started
  • get more fit
  • get ready for race day

Whichever you choose you will be asked to set up your plan with additional data to customise it. But even so plans include benchmark runs that are used to evaluate your current status and progress so that the plan gets customised even further as you go along.

So I’ve just finished up the first two benchmarks and I’m really excited to see what it does. This is not the only change in the app but definitely the most significant one and definitely one worth trying out. I know I will 🙂


The new Nike+ Run Club
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