Pole dancingHave you noticed that pole dancing is everywhere these days? It has become a legitimate and truly popular fitness form and studios are popping up all around. As a retired dancer I got influenced pretty quickly by all the pole dance mentions I started encountering so I’ve been meaning to try it for a while. But you know how that goes…no time, no partner in crime to take the plunge with and you keep putting it off. But then I saw there was an offer on one of those groupon sites for one of the studios in my city and the time being really convenient I quickly wrote a letter to Santa asking him for a month long introductory course. Of course he indulged me and immediately I signed up for it but then promptly missed the first lesson due to a business trip.

Finally two weeks ago it happened. My first pole swirls.

I managed to make up for my missed lesson fairly quickly but I attribute that to my dancing background. Having said that pole dancing has a quite steep learning curve in my opinion. Which makes it a challenge and thus much more exciting. Also for the following two days I could barely dress myself. Every bit of my upper body hurt. Not just the arms but my whole torso and the shoulders as well. There are parts of my stomach and back I never knew I had.

But it is soooo worth it. It’s fun and something new and makes you feel strong and sexy at the same time. It completely turned my mood around and made me look at my body in a way I haven’t done in a while. And yes, I got all that in one hour. We learned three figures, did a ton of strength training and a really really good stretch, which felt incredible. My muscles used to be quite flexible once upon a time but the last few years my training hasn’t been focused on that as much so I lost quite a bit of flexibility. Going back to that feels really good.

This week I was supposed to sign up for the next stage of lessons but my Monday evening slot wasn’t relisted and the remaining two just didn’t fit into my schedule. My heart sank when I found out which made me realise just how much I enjoyed this first month. But then thankfully I managed to move things around and enlisted in the Friday afternoon slot so I’m not hanging my pole just yet.

Bottom line: I highly recommend trying out pole dancing. I promise you it is going to be a delightful experience regardless of your background. I’ve seen people of all shapes and sizes do it and as far as I can tell it has this amazing psychological effect on everybody. The fact that it’s also a great workout both cardio and strength doesn’t hurt either.

Let me know how it goes!


Why not try pole dancing?
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